Curicculum Vitae

1. Nama Lengkap : NANDANG SUTRISNA, SH,LLM,M.Hum, Ph.D

2. NIP/NIS/NPP/NIK : 874100201

3. Tempat Lahir : Tasikmalaya

4. Tgl-Bln-Thn-Lahir : 11 Nopember 1960

5. Jenis Kelamin : LAKI-LAKI

6. Agama : ISLAM

7. Status Perkawinan : KAWIN

8. Pendidikan Tertinggi : S3

9. Golongan/Pangkat : IV/a

10. Terhitung Mulai Tanggal :

Selengkapnya, CV nandang-sutrisna-fh-uii


Dear Sir,

I am Shuvro Prosun Sarker writing from India. I am a LL.B from
Calcutta University, LL.M from National University of Juridical
Sciences (NUJS), and presently a PhD Candidate at NUJS. I have
prepared an edited book on Legal Education in Asia (forthcoming in
November, 2013 from Eleven International Publishing, The Netherlands)
discussing legal education reform in various Asian Countries.

Now in continuation of this book, I will be preparing another edited
volume on Clinical Legal Education in Asia with country specific
chapters (publishable by the same publisher). I am trying to find out
community based clinical models which help in developing access to
justice for marginalized people, enhancing citizen participation in
democracy along with student supervision strategy and effectiveness of
these model clinics in reforming legal education.

It will be my humble request to you to contribute a chapter on Indonesia.

The chapter is due on 31st May, 2014.

Hope to get your thoughts on this matter.

Thanks and Regards,




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